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Remote Escape Room
with live performers and movie-grade sets

Improve your team cohesion regardless of your teammates location.

Now that some of us work from home, teams need a new way of having fun together.

Online Escape Rooms are immersive group games driven by a life performer who will bring your team a lot of fun! People can join the game from anywhere. For 75 minutes, your teammates will work out their communication and cognitive skills to perform the Heist of the Century.

You'll team up with Bob Ramirez, your accomplice and Game Master. He'll break into the Diamond Center and he'll be your eyes and hands on site. Bob is agile, but not that smart. He definitely needs your team's brainpower to succeed!

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Bring People Together

The game will stimulate your team to cooperate remotely to solve puzzles both in-room and on their screens.

A realistic set

It's a virual escape room but the set is real ! Each team will explore a real physical space remotely, with its game master's help.
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Everybody can play

Everybody can enjoy our online game, young and old. It requires no physical skills... Except for Bob! This game is accessible for people with motor disabilities.

Your own live performer

Wherever your teammates are located, they'll share with you an unforgettable interactive show where you play with your very own Bob.
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2 to 8
of fun
149VAT excl.
per team

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Frequently asked questions

How to organize a virtual team building event ? 🔗

  1. Pick a date, a time and your group size
  2. Contact us and meet your dedicated event planner
  3. Before the event we'll send invitation e-mail to your teams with all event information
  4. When the event starts, you connect to the visio-conference and meet with your game master. He will introduce you to the game and ensure everybody is ready before the show
  5. After the game, we take a team picture and send it to your teams

Why should I do a virtual team building with The Box? 🔗

Before entering the team building business, we have proven ourselves with the general public: more than 3800 5⭐ reviews and 5 espace game awards (including 2 in 2020!)

Our remote escape rooms are designed by a team of expert game designers, Web resources are are designed with love and custom game apps are developed for a complete immersion. But more importantly, thanks to dedicated live performers, it's a real interactive show !

How many people can join my remote team building? 🔗

We can host up to 24 people per time-slot (2 teams of 8 players on The Diamond Heist, and 1 team of 8 players on Warehouse 13).

Groups of 25 people and more can play over multiple time-slots. We run game sessions every 1 hour 30 minutes. A 45 people group can then play as 6 teams over 2 time-slots (e.g. 1pm and 2:30pm).

How much does a digital team building event cost? 🔗

Remote escape rooms for team building events are billed per team of 2 to 8 players, depending on the game duration:

Escape RoomDurationPrice (+10% VAT)
The Diamond Heist75 minutes199€
The Diamond Heist42 minutes149€
Warehouse 1342 minutes149€

Team building pricing includes a dedicated event planner who will work with you to organize your remote team event.

If you are tight on budget or are not interested event support, you can book your games directly on our web site, and benefit from the general public pricing.

In which languages can we play digital escape rooms? 🔗

We offer games both in English and in French.

Our comedians may have a slight French accent, but it'll fit their roleplay! 😅

What do I need to play a virtual escape room? 🔗

Each players needs a computer with:

  • 1 webcam (and a headset, for a better sound quality)
  • Your visio-conferencing system (Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams)
  • Google Chrome

We recommend players to divide their screens into 2 zones:

  • The live video stream
  • Google Chrome, to access Web games and resources

Smartphones and tablets can be used as complements for Web games but are not recommended for the live stream. It'd be a shame to miss any bit of the show! 😉

Which video-conferencing system do you use? 🔗

We use Zoom by default, but we also support:

  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
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They ❤️ our Escape Rooms

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