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What's an Online Escape Room?

Rise to the Challenge, from Anywhere !

Online Escape Rooms bring the best of Real Life Escape Rooms directly into your home.

With our game interface dedicated to companies, you can access our Escape Room as if you were there. The game session is led by a humorous actor who will boost the engagement of your teams.

You'll experience an immersive adventure worthy of the best Hollywood movies with your colleagues. Beware, the clock is ticking!

Play All Together

Des joueurs connectés grâces à l'escape game en ligne
A laptop, a decent wifi, a webcam and your all set for your adventure!
Play with your whole team, no matter where they are.

A fun and inclusive game

Des joueurs de l'escape room online, pour certains en fauteuil roulant
Our online games are designed for companies who are split into teams of 3 to 5 people.
Players need to act as a team to overcome challenges. The whole company has the same mission, and your goal is to be the highest scoring team!

Your Game Master is Your Personal Live Actor

Every session is hosted by a live comedian who makes sure you feel hooked and have a great time. Prepare to laugh!

100% Interactive

Des joueurs qui essaient de résoudres les énigmes de l'escape game online
Move into our actual rooms through 360° HD pictures, as if you were there. Analyze your environment, collect clues and find your way out as a team! The script and storytelling will blow your mind
You still have questions ? Check out our FAQ.

They ❤️ our Escape Rooms

Frequently asked questions

What's a Remote Escape Room? 🔗

Remote working has become the norm in many companies. It has become a challenge to keep in touch with one's colleagues in this context. Fighting isolation and strengthening the relationship between coworkers is what we aim for through our session. Creating frequent casual and fun moments with your colleagues does just that.

Our online escape rooms enable you to explore actual, physical rooms in 360° view while sitting comfortably on your couch at home. A live comedian hosts each session, and makes sure you have agreat time. Play as a team and overcome the challenges.

Will you get a better score than your company's other teams?

How to play a Virtual Escape Room? 🔗

To fully enjoy your session, make sure to have the following ready:

  • 1 computer with Google Chrome to interact with the game
  • 1 headset or headphones
  • 1 high-speed internet connection

How many people can you host? 🔗

400 people can play our games simultaneously. They are split into teams of 3 to 5 people, and compete with other teams to get the best score.

Can I play as a retail customer? 🔗

No. Our games are exclusively designed for team building activities.

Do I need any software to play? 🔗

We recommend to use Google Chrome (latest version). Mozilla Firefox should also do the job. You don't need anything else than a web browser to play.

How much time should I budget for this? 🔗

The game lasts 1h. However, our events include a briefing and a debriefing, which brings the total duration at 1h30.

I've read everything, and I still have more questions! 🔗

We'd love to chat. Please reach out by phone (+33368388228) or through our website form.

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