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Remote Escape Rooms

Play those Escape Rooms remotely with your friends

What's an Online Escape Room?

Rise to the Challenge, from Anywhere !

Online Escape Rooms bring the best of Real Life Escape Rooms directly into your home.

With our game interface dedicated to companies, you can access our Escape Room as if you were there. The game session is led by a humorous actor who will boost the engagement of your teams.

You'll experience an immersive adventure worthy of the best Hollywood movies with your colleagues. Beware, the clock is ticking!

Play All Together

Des joueurs connectés grâces à l'escape game en ligne
A laptop, high-speed Wi-Fi, a modern Web browser, a webcam, and you're ready to go!
With Online Escape Rooms you can play the most immersive games with your friends abroad, your family down the street, or even your boss at the office. Basically, you can Escape from Anywhere!

A Fun Activity for Everybody

Des joueurs de l'escape room online, pour certains en fauteuil roulant
Our games are designed for 2 to 6 players, starting at 12 years old.
Physical escape rooms can be difficult to play for some people, if not impossible. Remote Escape Games removes those limitations and bring the game right into your living room, making it available to everybody!

Your Game Master is Your Personal Live Actor

At The Box, every team has its own dedicated Game Master for its game.
But your Game Master is also a live performer. He'll make your experience a Personal Live Show!
He'll subtly dissiminate clues if you really need them, but he'll never overtly help you.
More importantly, his #1 mission after all is to make you live an unique and fun experience.

Rules for a Successful Online Escape Room

Des joueurs qui essaient de résoudres les énigmes de l'escape game online
Your objective is to complete your mission in a timely manner. The show takes place in a realistic scenert designed by our team. You'll need to solve puzzles and riddles without losing your nerve !
You still have questions ? Check out our FAQ or contact us.

How to play an Online Escape Room ?

To play a Remote Escape Room, you'll need:
  • 1 screen per place for the Zoom video stream
  • 1 screen per player to find clues on the Web, solve riddles and game material

They ❤️ our Escape Rooms

Frequently asked questions

What's a Remote Escape Room? 🔗

This new kind of game, which emerged during the lockdown, provide unique advantages for those who want to play with family and friends regardless of their location. In Remote Video Escape Rooms, your Game Master become your eyes and hands. He's in charge of performing your team actions in the physical space. He'll go wherever you want. He'll take all the risks... While you're safe at home! As a full member of your team, this performer will adapt to your style and interact with your team to provide help and humor. As with classic escape rooms, you'll operate on the set, but you'll also need to hunt for clues on the Web!

How to play a Virtual Escape Room? 🔗

To ensure a quality experience, you'll need a high speed Internet access, Zoom, a Web browser, a headset or speakers and a microphone. We encourage you to validate your Zoom setup before the game so you're sure everything's ready to have fun. For an immersive experience, we recommend displaying the video stream on a TV or a big screen, and each player should have his own device to play the Web games.

Will we play with strangers? 🔗

Games are private. You'll only play with your teammates.

How many people can join the game? 🔗

Our games are designed to host from 2 to 6 people.

Which software is required? 🔗

  • Zoom
  • A modern Web browser Google Chrome recommended

How much time should I plan for? 🔗

Join the Zoom meeting 5 to 10 minutes before the game starts. Please wait until your Game Master allows you in the meeting. He will welcome you and tell you how to succeed. When the game ends he'll answer any question you may have. The whole experience lasts for the game duration + 30 minutes. For example, if you play a 75mn game like The Diamond Heist, you should plan for 1h45mn.

Who will watch us play? 🔗

We do not record live games. They are entirely private. Everything that happens in the game stays in the game. (and in your Game Master's head)

Which games are available for online playing? 🔗

Our 1st online game is The Diamond Heist. Other games are coming. Please contact us if you want to be the first to know about our new games!

Who are you? 🔗

We are a team of french game designers and makers who fell in love with escape rooms in 2015. We opened our 1st room back in 2016, and we love bringing fun to our players!

I've read everything, and I still have a question 🔗

Please contact us right now. We'll be happy to help! 😊

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