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Escape Rooms in Metz

An awesome experience with friends or family!

Where's The Box ?

Come and visit us in Metz, France.


6 rue Clovis
57000 Metz


Phone : +33 3 68 38 53 00
Information and booking : hello@the-box.fr

Happy Teams :
Remote Escape Rooms (Only for business team building)
Tel. : 03 68 38 82 28
E-mail : hello@happyteams.events
Website : https://happyteams.events/

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Frequently asked questions

Who are you? 🔗

We are an escape room business established in Metz (France). Our team loves designing original games for our players' delight.

What's an escape room? 🔗

Escape Rooms are team games where you use your brain and cooperate with others to solve riddles and puzzles. You start locked in a room, and you have 1 hour to escape! That's for the basic concept. But we do not like simple locks. It's too easy to pile them up in a room. So we design immersive universes with realistic sceneries and we invent unique props well integrated into the game sets to provide you with WOW and WTF moments! Sometimes, you'll destroy stuff, and other times, you'll even surprise yourself with new magical skills. More importantly, each and every game at The Box is managed by your very own Game Master, who is an actor performing a role within the game. Because no real life escape room can be great without a great performer!

I have other questions 🔗

Contact us, we'll be happy to help!

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