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Looking for an original gift for a birthday, christmas or a bachelor party? Offer a The Box Escape Rooms gift card so your friends and family will enjoy their own live personal show!

Everybody can play our games, young and old, newbies and experts.

Order online and we'll immediatly send you your customizable gift card by email.

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Frequently asked questions

Why offer a The Box Online Escape Room? 🔗

Much more than simple puzzles or hidden items, playing an escape games at The Box is an immersive and fun experience!

Regardless of your age or gaming expertise, your personal game master will tailor your adventure to your team to provide an unforgettable show.

How do I get my gift card? 🔗

Order it online and it will be delivered in your mailbox within minutes. Then you can customize and print it. There you have the perfect last-minute quality gift! 😎

I lost my gift card. Can you help? 🔗

Contact us and provide the name and email address used to buy the gift card. We will send the gift card back to you and you'll be ready to book a game.

What if the person doesn't like the gift? 🔗

Don't panic. If your friend prefers a Cheese Printer or a Poodle Mask, we will refund you within 30 days of your purchase. Simply contact us!