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Your Game Master in the Room
The Diamond Heist
Team games, driven by real performers, live on Zoom

Online Escape Rooms

Play together, wherever you are
Your Game Master & Performer live from the room
Your Team in the Room in Metz
Your Dedicated Game Master
3 Original Games
Collaborative riddle games, live in the Room in Metz

Escape Rooms in Metz

3 original games, 3 Escape Game Awards, 3.3k+ 5* reviews
Everybody is welcome, with friends or family, from 8 to 88 years old

They ❤️ our Escape Rooms

What's an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are immersive and collaborative games. Players must solve riddles and escape from a room realistically decorated according to the game theme. The clock is ticking, beware!

The Box offers original games, available Online or in Metz. Become thieves, FBI agents or magicians!

Teams play from 2 to 6 players

Escape Rooms are group games for everybody, starting at 7 years old. With friends, colleagues or family. You'll need everybody's skills to win!

You'll race against time

Depending on the game, you'll have between 60 and 75mn to solve riddles, complete your mission and get free.

Game Master & Performer

Our Game Designers will challenge you with an immersive experience, more realistic than any movie! The riddles and the set are home made by a team of passionate makers.

A challenge to tackle

Succeed in your mission and escape before getting caught! Will you solve our puzzles, riddles and other games?